Yet can you open your list of weddings in rustic Lara?

To open your wedding list or wish list only you have to sign up for

Once you are registered, you will always have to be logged in on our website, to add items to your wish lists, eye do not forget to click on the color you want the furniture before adding to your wish list the article.

You can manage all the wish lists that you want in the paragraph)My account).
In)My account) you can see your gift list, create, delete and modify without problem.
To send them, you have to give to SAVE.
The items on the list of gifts you can also get them by priority: high - medium or low, so that your guests see what first would you like to gift.

Once you have your list of gifts created is time to send them to the guests by e-mail, you only have to SELECT the list of desires that we want and then give it to SEND THIS LIST.
You will be up to 10 recipients, fill the email where you want to be sent the wedding list created and give it to SEND.

Do you want to send it to more recipients?

Repeat all over again as many times as you want